Beta Tools 004100433, 410As/sel21 Set Of 21 Twist Drills

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Beta Tools, 004100433, 410AS/SEL21 Set of 21 Twist Drills with Cylindrical Shanks Ø 1/16" Ø5/64" Ø3/32" Ø7/64 Ø1/8" Ø9/64" Ø5/32" Ø11/64" Ø3/16 Ø13/64" Ø7/32" Ø15/64" Ø1/4 Ø17/64" Ø9/32" Ø19/64" Ø5/16 Ø21/64" Ø11/32" Ø23/64" Ø3/8