Portable 0.3" 3D Stereoscopic Drawing Pen Ii With Display Screen Purple

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TheDrawing Art Crafting ToolPortable 0.3" 3D Stereoscopic Drawing Pen II with Display Screen is an excellent tool for artists, modelers, product designers and hobbyists for drawing, arts and crafts printing

It can be used to draw and trace designs on paper which can then be lifted off or you can draw in the air so imagination is your only restriction

It s as easy to use as any other pen, just draw naturally but you can lift the nib into the air and the magic begins as your drawing takes shape into a real 3D object

The 3D Pen is light weight at a little over 60 grams and has nice speed controls making it use friendly

The heater nozzle will help regulate the temperature so you can draw fluidly.

This 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen uses plastic which is melted at a high temperature and can be used to draw a 3D object to bring your designs from paper to real life