Basket Of Golden Wishes To Singapore

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- Yi Xiang Stewed Abalone 140 gr;- Sklight Claypot Style Sharkfin 425 gr;- Ocean Palace Slice Topshell in Abalone Sauce 425 gr;- 3 Gourmet Birdnest With Ginseng (70 gr each);- Gourmet Tie Guan Yin Tea 80 gr;- Season Dried Mushroom 60 gr;- New Peng Hiang Mini Prawn Rolls 80 gr;- Ama Taro Groundnuts 180 gr;- King Dried Cuttlefish 40 gr;- King Fatt Choy 10 gr;- Festive Basket;- Gift Wrapping;- Greeting Card.