Bel-Art Products 37130-0114, Egg-Shaped Spinbar Magnetic Stir Bar

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Bel-Art Products, 37130-0114, Egg-Shaped Spinbar 1-1/4" x 5/8" Magnetic Stir Bar with Teflon PTFE Coated This oval Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar features a built-in pivot spot that does not offers a sudden transformation in the outline of the bar, thus ensuring chatter-free motion

Features Features pivot point for reduced chattering Ideal for stirring in round-bottom vessels Teflon 174 PTFE coated ALNICO V encapsulated magnet Fits round bottom fl 300 and 500ml Size 32 x 16mm 1-1/4 x5/8

While the larger sizes offer oval magnets, the two smallest magnets are cylindrical in shape sheathed in an oval PTFE outer capsule